Neobyt is committed to ensuring the security of our information assets and protecting them from various security threats. Our IT security program is designed to follow industry best practices and comply with relevant regulations, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Our IT security program includes the following elements:

Access control:  We use a range of access control measures, including multi-factor authentication, to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to our information systems and data.

Data protection:  We classify our information assets based on their level of sensitivity and implement appropriate data protection measures, including encryption, to protect them from unauthorized access.

Network security:  We use a variety of security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and network segmentation, to protect our network infrastructure from security threats.

Incident response:  We have a comprehensive incident response plan in place that outlines the procedures for detecting, reporting, and responding to security incidents, including data breaches.

Compliance:  We regularly review and update our IT security program to ensure that we comply with relevant regulations and industry standards.

Employee training and awareness:  We provide regular training and awareness programs to our employees to ensure that they are aware of their roles and responsibilities in protecting our information assets.

At Neobyt, we recognize the importance of IT security and take proactive measures to protect our information assets from security threats. We regularly conduct security assessments to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, and we work closely with our partners and vendors to ensure that they also comply with our IT security program.